Tim’s Plan

I remind the people of Charlotte that the overwhelming majority of people in the jail have not been convicted of a crime. They are simply too poor to buy their freedom. They are our neighbors, relatives, and friends. We should all care about their health and well being.

Timothy Emry, Charlotte Attorney , Candidate for Mecklenburg District Attorney

Police Accountability

We have to hold police accountable when they break the law. The failure to prosecute police that kill citizens without justification is deeply problematic. It shows that we have two different systems of justice. As DA, I would create a unit of specialized prosecutors who would hold police officers accountable for brutality, misconduct, and other criminal activity.

End Mass Incarceration Policies and Promote Racial Justice

Mass incarceration has been an utter failure in this country and Charlotte. More punishment and harsher sentences do not reduce crime. We must immediately stop the mass incarceration policies of the current DA’s office and begin to pursue racial justice. The reality is that the foundation of our criminal punishment system is rooted in racism and white supremacy. That must change. The disparate prosecution of Black and brown people is a moral crisis that undermines the legitimacy of the entire justice system. As DA, I would pursue a system where outcomes are not predicated on race.

Never seek the Death Penalty

The death penalty in America doesn’t work, convicts innocent people, is racist, and immoral. The government should not decide of who lives and dies. The government should not play God. It is a moral issue for me and I pledge to never seek the Death Penalty.

Protecting Abortion Rights

Across the country, we are seeing Republican state legislatures passing draconian anti-abortion laws, modeled after the Texas abortion law, that effectively strip away a woman’s right to choose. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that come November, Republicans in North Carolina will retain a veto-proof supermajority in the State legislature. This means that a Texas-style abortion ban will come to North Carolina, and Democrats will be powerless to stop it from becoming law.

In the event of a Texas-style abortion ban becoming law in North Carolina, I will not enforce it as District Attorney. I have signed a pledge that other elected prosecutors across the country have signed: to not prosecute any women or doctors for seeking or providing abortion care. I strongly believe in a woman’s right to choose, and I will ensure that right is maintained in Mecklenburg County.

Tim’s Other Plans